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        1. 上海百劲机械有限公司

          Hotline: 13761555111



          Precision sheet metal

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          Precision machining processing

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          Welding Structure Processing

          The company has advanced automatic welding robot technology, which improves the stability of the welding quality and welding efficiency and ensures its uniformity. The company can manufacture cabinets, boxes, shells and other power electrical equipment enclosures and frames as well as provide inflatable explosion-proof box service to the world-renowned enterprises.

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          Precision sheet metal

          The company focuses on the use of CNC sheet metal technology, R&D, design, production and selling industry class CNC sheet metal structure product. We mainly provide services for the world famous enterprises. The products is mainly used for power equipment, financial equipment, new energy equipment, medical equipment and communication equipment.

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          Precision machining processing

          The company is equipped with advanced international processing equipment and testing equipment to ensure accuracy and quality. Some of our main equipments are: high-precision CNC lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, large gantry machining center, etc.,  Our processing range: various precision parts of stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum, etc. Applicable for mass production of high-precision power equipment, electrical apparatus, military, aerospace, medical equipment, auto part and other precision machining processing (tolerance ≤0.01).

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