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          The company convened conclusion and awards conference



          On the afternoon of July 8, Baijin machinery’s conclusion and awards conference of “Quality Month” in 2013 was convened at company’s training room. The conference concluded the overall situation of the activity of “Quality Month” in 2013, analyzed objectively the quality production situation in 2013, fully affirmed the performance gained from the activity, and proposed improvement suggestions to existent problems.

          Combined with the actual situation of company’s production and management, Baijin Machinery carried out “Quality Month” activity in June, and made systematic activity plan. “Quality Month” activity was divided into four stages: self examination and correction, comprehensive review, conclusion and awards, rectification and consolidation.

          The outstanding features of this activity “Quality Month”: Firstly, all departments paid high attention on this activity and realized complete regime, sound organization, in place investment, effective measures; secondly, compared with last year, general situation of quality operation improved obviously; thirdly, form and method of examination are closer and more gear to the actual circumstances, and strength of examination was increased and more meticulous; fourthly, the quality operation was full of features and highlights.

          This activity “Quality Month” established solid foundation to realize “No serious safety accident in 2013” and further promoted management and service of our company.










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