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          Care for staff and take cool drinks to them in summer


          Recently, it was continuous high temperature of 37-38 ℃ in Shanghai. In order to do the work of heat cooling and embody company’s management concept of “people and technology oriented”, Shanghai Baijin machinery company union made careful arrangement, carried out various “taking cooling” activities to take kind comfort and care for the staff working hard on the front lines.

          All levels leaders of the company went to the front line to comfort the staff stick to work at such hot days, and gave them salt soda water, medicated oil, Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid and so on, ensured to send company’s care to every staff.

          During the condolences, leaders looked into and mastered staff’s working environment, living conditions, dietetic hygiene and heat cooling and so on. They reflected existent problems to relevant departments and urged to improve.

          The activity of “taking cooling” in summer put heat cooling and staff care into practice, showed the humanistic care for the front line staff, ensured all the staff’s professional health, motivated them to devote to enterprise operation and management with higher passion, it’s also beneficial to strengthen their awareness of safe production and pushed the harmonious development.




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