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          In the Teenager Activity, our company carried off the prize again


          On the morning of November 17, 2013, the fifteenth survey of “Two Innovation” Youth League at Songjiang District ——“Two Innovation” organized the Teenager Carnival activity at the Community culture activity center square of Xiao Kunshan Town, which was sponsored by Youth League District Committee and undertook by Xiao Kunshan Youth League Committee. Many leaders attended the activity, following is the leader list: Vice secretary of the part committee Tai Caifu of Xiao Kunshan Town, Vice secretary of the Youth League District Committee Sun Wenjie, committee member of the town part committee Xu Qifeng.

          Our company proudly gained the honorable attention in the “Two Innovation” and the organization of “Teenagers go to show your figure” during the activity. At the initiation ceremony, Baijin, Sigma and Feidiao and other six private companies were awarded the prize certification.

          After the ceremony, all grades leaders visited the company exhibition with great interests and listened to the related introduction. Leaders congratulated the company’s developing achievement and hoped all the companies can continue to exert and try their best to gain more achievement in the future.



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