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        1. 上海百劲机械有限公司

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          Our company gains good reputation depending on actual strength


          In recent days, Euramerican buyers’ purchase travel in Europe aroused much attention, it was held by MFG.com, the biggest world-wide development platform of manufacture. A dozen of Euramerican buyers flied to China to select their cooperators.

          In November 13, led by vice sales manager Ye Yangcun, our company’s general manager assistant and project engineer of technical department Liu Donghai went to Jiangsu Province to attend this purchaser’s meeting. In the meeting, our company conducted detail conversation with several satisfying purchasers, and made a multi-dimension self-evaluation from our production capacity, technology, equipment and technological level, and even the raw material test, production plan of parts, quality tracking, management procedure of non-confirming material, maintaining institution of equipment, production management of workshop and so on. Thus, Euramerican buyers were all clear to our company’s aptitude and the efficiency of communication and purchase was improved. Therefore, this behavior won good reputation from all the clients. Several companies were deeply interested in our company and even showed their intention to cooperate.







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