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        1. 上海百劲机械有限公司

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          The company successfully passed the site check of Alstom

          On October 24, Chinese audit team of Alstom arrived at our company to conduct the site audit. During the audit, the team listened to the company’s report, checked the material of quality control handbook, and inspected the quality control on the spot. Then the team checked the practice situation of the company’s system documents. Through two days’ serous check, the team believed that our company put into effect to practice the work of quality control seriously, and handled it normatively. Due to our company’s good performance, the result of the site audit is qualified, and our company became one qualified Chinese supplier of Alsom.

          From the year of 2010, Baijin Machinery has always paying attention to quality control and system construction. In the next year, the company obtained the certificate of ISO9001quality management system. After the certificate, our general manager instructed that our company would spare no effort to practice the quality control well. Since our leader’s high value on the quality control, the company’s perfect institution, rigorous policy, and normal operation of every link, our company has been recognized by several world-wide companies, such as Sigma, Weitu, Sulzter, Nachi etc. one after another in recent years.

          Alsom is an oriented company in the field of infrastructure such as rail transit, electrical equipment and power transmission. It is famous for innovative and environmental technology. Alsom has taken part in Chinese construction for more than 50 years, is China’s reliable and long-term cooperator in the field of rail transit, electrical equipment, power transmission.


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