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          Baijin “Quality Month” activity realized the normalization


          On September 23, our company convened a meeting to boost “Quality Month”. The meeting was aimed at enhancing quality awareness, strengthening quality management, improving quality level, and pushing the development of “Quality Month” activity. Many principals and staff representatives of our company took part in the meeting, including General Manager assistant Shi Zhenhua, manager of quality department Bao Longjiang.

          In the meeting, Manager Bao introduced the progress of preparation of “Quality Month”, and pointed out the meaning of this meeting. All representatives contributed their ideas and efforts to the activity arrangement, and raised different views and opinions, which enriched the meeting.

          At the end of the meeting, Manager Shi required every workshop sections of functional department and product department carry out the development of “Quality Month” with the recognition of “Stand high to see more”, and strengthen cooperation on vigorous propaganda, supply of technical support, promotion of quality management, guarantee of quality security, enhance of production quality etc. such aspects, and made full efforts to support this activity. This meeting made the quality awareness deep in heart and stick to the bottom line of quality, strengthened the basic of quality, push the standard of construction, active the source of quality, perfect the support system, build the foundation of quality.

          At present, the company has set up an activity leading group, and the “Quality Month” activity realized the normalization. More than 100 staff of our company attended the activity, and five quality training were organized, which made the quality awareness deep in heart.


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