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          Baijin product market developed continuously, many famous enterprises came to visit our factory


          Considering the situation that Baijin company has been settle out in inland market, our company formulated a market strategy of “stable in inland, expand to aboard” in the year of 2013. This year was considered as an important beginning of “promote our high quality products and machining service to the world”. Under guide of this whole marketing plan, early in this year our company increased investment on foreign trade and oversea market, and introduced our company to oversea customers through many platforms. Our oriented processing capacity, rich experience in this industry, high quality goods, machining service experience for famous customers, advanced and complete sets of manufacturing equipment, high precession manufacture capacity, and strict quality control system, all of these drew many customers’ intend to cooperate with us. Our company successfully opened the door of oversea market. It is undoubted that cooperation with customers, including international famous brand group enhanced the starting point. Meanwhile, during the cooperation with these famous customers, Baijin realized the win-win growth together with our customers. Customers got the supporting of matched products machining in China’s market, and also Baijin grew and gained experience itself from the running.

          So far, scale of oversea customers’ marketing sum increased quarter by quarter. Although we were influenced by European economic incline and the market shrank, Baijin still exploited and moved on against adversity. We considered relationship between our customer not as simple interest relationship but the relationship to support each other and develop together. For us, cooperation is not only to gain maximum of interest and batch order, but to obtain trust through careful service and high quality goods, and then build stable and long standing cooperation relationship gradually by continuous positive cooperation with customers. Baijin believed that customer’s market can develop ours; customer’s word of mouth is also ours. That’s this kind of management concept and principle made us outstanding in this industry and win over many good customers.

          To pursue development in the stabilization, to be stable in the development, our market strategy of stabilization & development, namely keep a foothold but not forget to move on, stable but not forget to exploit. Thus Beijing’s market territory will become larger and larger!


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