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          The company carried out the 2012 “Quality Month” mobilization will

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          In order to further strengthen the quality conscience of all the staff, and ensure the effective control of production procedure and quality, the company planed this time’s “Quality Month” . Therefore, the company issued a notification about holding 2012 “Quality Month” activity, including the specific requirements, theme, plan and other relevant materials.

          Recently, the company held a mobilization will for “Quality Month” activity. The meeting was hosted by general management manager Shi Zhenhua. At the meeting, the company leadership emphasized on the work of“Quality Month” activity and required each department plan and organized activities carefully, and formulated a practical activity plan combined with various departments involved in the quality of management, to realize the purpose of the company "solid foundation, control the process, improve product quality level" and ensure that the company can further improve the quality management level and the quality of the company's overall operations. Each department manager made a gesture for the quality month mobilization report.

          At the same time, in order to better create an atmosphere that full participation and everyone pay attention to the quality of management, the company suspended quality publicity slogans in the eye-catching place such as company front gate.

          The next step, the company would earnestly carry out various activities in accordance with the “Quality Month” activity to ensure that the company can promote quality management level indeed.

          Finally, assistant of our company’s manager Xia Yonghao emphasized three aspects of the important work: Firstly, further intensify propaganda to establish a good brand and quality culture, to improve the influence of culture. Secondly, focus on the customer. On the one hand, pay attention to internal customers, on the other hand, pay attention to external customers. The sales department had to pay attention to the client's objectives, system, mechanism, and what kind of products customers want; what kind of products meet to what kind of customers. Thirdly, strengthen the total quality management activities. The company must consciously practice comprehensive management concept of quality management, turn the total quality management requirements into each employee’s work way, which should be the basic method and train of thought to solve the problem.


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