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          The company’s OAS was formally started


          In order to improve efficiency of management and accelerate the pace of information construction, innovate the management method, improve the capacity of management, realize the resource share and office automation, our company started to prepare, text and try to operate OA system at the beginning of this year, and it was formally operated in our company in December.

          At the noon of December 15, 2012, OAS startup meeting was held at training room on the third floor of administrative building. The meeting was held by Manager Shi of administration department, all the administrative staff, department managers, and low-level managers took part in the meeting. According to different departments, OAS was used to different places, which guaranteed the operation and maintenance management organization’s efficient operation, and played a very active role in ensuring the rapid and accurate information transmission. This is the company's comprehensive management under the new form of ascension ability and level, and also the important measures to step on the path of scientization, standardization, modernization and informatization.

          Manager Shi of administration department as the principle of OAS, he participated the whole process including program plan and developing. In the meeting, he explained again that how OAS made the inner enterprise able to share information more convenient and speed. He also stressed the concepts of “all staff participation”, which make the definition clearer. It’s every important that all the staff including the leaders, backbones took part in the information construction and deepen the usage in every links, thus the information construction was more and more deep in everyone’s heart.

          Through the implement of OAS, our company realized the networking and paperless during daily office working. What’s more, we realized the aim to improve the efficiency of working, standardize the business management, save official fees, and reduce the cost of working. All the staff will be able to work on the united OAS, thus the leading level can timely master the operation situation, and also promoted the overall efficiency of working.


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