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          Grasp fire fighting knowledge, drill safely and alarm always


          In order to strengthen daily safety and increase all staff’s fire safety quality, security protection and self rescue capacity, Shanghai Baijin Machinery Company held fire drill themed by “safe development and prevention first”.

          Combined with the actual situation, administrative department made a meticulous plan for this activity before the drill, which assured the drill’s success.

          At 16:00 of July 3, our company invited the fire fighting police to conduct fire safety training. They explained and showed one by one, from the daily work of fire safety to the instruction of fire fighting equipments. This fire drill supplied some staff that lack of essential knowledge of fire safety. As a result, it’s highly effective.

          This fire drill was launched by Ye Yangcun, safety director of our company. Under his leading, all staff exercised dry power extinguishing with high passion. Everyone participated actively, running in the hot day just to fight against the fire, completed the fire fighting target one by one and gained all the fire fighters’ confirm.

          This fire drill further strengthened staff’s safety consciousness, confirmed the feasibility and operability of this fire protection plan. All staff of our company knew the process to deal with emergency, highly promoted the capacity of emergency guide, coordination and disposal. This fire drill set solid foundation for the ordered development of the emergent work.















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