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          Participation in the charity highlights the way we are



          “To be kind, to be propitious. ” This is one sentence from Shuowen, one of the famous philosophy books.


          On December 2012, our company manager Zheng received one thanks letter from Linzhou City, Henan province. The mailing address is Haojiazhuang Village, Linzhou City, Henan province and the sender is Liu Yuzhou. According to what Manager Zheng said, he has received so many letters like this. As a boss of an enterprise, Manage Zheng not only advocated to respect the old and cherish the young, helped the poor, cared the staff, but also often pay attention to the public welfare.


          From the year of 2008, Manager Zheng got that there were more than 50 excellent students living at the poor mountainous area of Henan province. They studied hard and they were excellent in character and learning. Because the poor family, they can not support for the basic fee of living and studying, which made them suffered in the situation of leaving school. Manager Zheng devoted his love the 50 students and subsidized them. 。


          It was manager Zheng’s warm aid that came true their wish to go back to school and the 50 students reignited the eager to study. Therefore, the 50 students wanted to express their appreciation to Manager Zheng and said they would study harder and return to society in the future.


          “As a conscientious Chinese people, participation in public welfare establishment is my responsibility and obligations. In my mind, one who has strong sense of social responsibility is a really successful entrepreneur.” Manager Zheng always concluded his kind behavior like this. A kind entrepreneur will lead out a kind enterprise and a group of kind people.




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