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          Casting the Baijin elite and awarding quality credit

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          In the afternoon of October 20, 2012, summary commendation congress of Baijin Machinery’s “Quality Month” activity was carried out smoothly in the training room on the third floor of the administration building. Vice assistant of general manager Shao Yonghui, assistant of general manager Xia Yonghao attended the “Quality Month” activity, and congratulated warmly for the smooth running of the “Quality Month” activity and awarded honorary certificates for the winners. The company management representative Shi Zhenhua presided the meeting and reported the summary of “Quality Month” activity. The winners and principle of departments of technology, quality, purchasing and sales attended the meeting.


          In this “Quality Month” activity, each department staff of the company participated actively and obtained high praise for their positive performance. “Quality Month” activity of this year set "quality knowledge competition", "quality paper collection", "quality speech", "skill tournament" events, and at the end of the activity, 38 employees gained the prize including zhangning, Xu Jiangna, Huang Xianjian. Vice assistant of general manager Shao Yonghui, assistant of general manager Xia Yonghao awarded honorary certificates and bonuses for the winners.


          During the meeting, vice assistant of general manager Shao Yonghui made a speech and pointed out that quality is the life of an enterprise, so we have to implement the strategy of "high-quality goods", from the inside to perfect the quality and technical documents, improve staff quality consciousness, from the external to strengthen supplier management and other points to improve the quality of products. We will continue to push forward quality management work, carry out more quality management activities, and enhance the strength of Baijin's quality management to a new level. Principal of each department also said at the meeting the quality month activity further enhanced the quality consciousness of the masses of workers, promoted the concept of company quality management. Finally, the management representative Shi Zhenhua wished all staff of Baijin to set up "quality first" philosophy in the usual work, to continue to add brick and tile for the ascension of company’s product quality.



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