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          Adopting many measures to guarantee "quality month" activities successfully completed

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          In order to further enhance the quality management level of Shanghai Baijin Machinery Co., LTD, a few days ago, focusing on strengthening staff quality consciousness, improving the quality of business as the key point, Baijin Machinery planed carefully and adopted eight measures to complete series of "quality month" activities successfully.  


          Firstly is to issue a planning books for "quality month" activities, and make comprehensive deployment; Secondly, to hang banners, and make "quality photo exhibition" at the scene of the production to propose cadres and employees " be prepared for danger in times of safety, keep improving, loving his work and devote to it", to create a good atmosphere for "quality month" activities; Thirdly, to carry out the quality and safety seminar to improve staff’s conscience of quality and safety; Fourthly is to carry out the company’s quality system program files, promote standardization consciousness for employee, to promote the comprehensive management system continuously. Fifthly is to carry out quality knowledge competition activities to strengthen the staff’s quality consciousness, and total of 120 employees of the company participated in the activity; Sixthly is to carry out "quality in my heart" solicitation activities and theme speech activities to improve the staff’s consciousness of quality culture, and every employees combined with service characteristics of its own and they all contributed actively, many excellent manuscripts were collected, after repeated screening, each department speech elected 14 contestants;


          Seventhly is to plan company staff’s skills competition. Staff of CNC lathe and the welding section participated in the activity actively, this time’s competition showed the outstanding style, race out of the performance; Eighthly is to fill ECR card in the activities, and promote quality inspection action implementation, which ensured the effectiveness of the inspection.


          This activity realized the transmission of the quality culture, broadcasted the knowledge about quality, popularized quality regulations, strengthened quality consciousness, improved the quality of work, improved the quality, and significant results have been achieved.



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