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        1. 上海百劲机械有限公司

          Hotline: 13761555111



          M1432B universal cylindrical grinder

          Technical Parameter

          Grinding diameter

          OD 8~320mm
          ID 30~100mm

          Grinding length

          OD 750,1000,1500,2000,3000mm
          ID 125mm

          Center height 180mm
          Max. load of work piece 150kg


          M7130D/H surface grinder

          Technical Parameter

          Distance from spindle to platform

          Max 575mm
          Min 135mm

          Grinding dimension

          L 1000mm
          W 300mm

          Max. load of work piece 500kg


          MM1040A centerless grinding machine

          Technical Parameter

          Rang of vertical feed grinding

          Diameter 1.5 ~ 40mm
          L 140mm

          Rang of transverse feed grinding

          Diameter 1 ~ 40mm
          L 120mm

          Precision of standard test bar grinding(? 20 × 75 )

          circular degree 1.5 μ m
          cylindricity 2.5 μ m
          roughness Ra0.32μm


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