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          Gantry machining center

          HTM-4225G Gantry Machining Center

          HTM-4225G Gantry Machining Center,based on the traditional advantages that the basic frame work is of high rigidity, structural symmetry and high stability, the machine tool adopts international advanced design concepts. All the products are designed with 3-D PRO/E. The main structure of the machine tool adopts finite element analysis and rreasonably distributes quality through optimizing the structure of fabric reinforcement. The machine tool thus is of high rigidity and good dynamic characteristics to meet the machining requirements of high-power and high precision.

          HTM-4225G is a working platform mobile gantry milling center with the functions of milling, boring, drilling (drilling, expanding, hinge), tapping, countersink cutting, etc. It can be equipped with a variety of attachment milling heads and can change heads manually. It can complete five-sided machining with one time of parts clamping.

          Still, as to the different characteristics of customers, various functions like full closing loop encoder precision feedback system, knife tool bed cooling function, ATC robot-type knife tool storage, automatic measurement of working piece ,automatic measurement of knife tool, 4-axis simultaneous machining function, etc. can be matched, and thus to configure customers with cost effective and satisfying products.

          The product is leading level in domestic market on its specification and configuration. Product structure and processes are mature and product quality is stable. It is applicable for large part machining in machinery processing area like ship, energy, motorcycle, aerospace, automobile, engineering machinery, packaging, transportation, metal, rubber, etc. The machine tool is the first choice for maching of large, heavy parts with complex structure.

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          Technical Data

          Processing range

          Horizontal X travel distance 4200㎜
          Vertical Y travel distance 2500㎜
          Vertical Z travel distance 1000㎜
          Gantry accrosing distance 2500㎜

          Distance between spindle end surface and working platform 350-1350㎜
          Knife tool store

          Knife tool storage capacity 40pcs
          Knife tool store type Knife tool storage capacity

          Working platform

          Size of platform surface 4000×2000
          MAX load weight 20T


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          HTM-2028G Gantry Machining Center

          Technical Parameter

          Working platform Size of platform surface  2000×3000/4000/5000/
          Processing range

          Horizontal X travel distance 3200/4200/5500/6500mm
          Vertical Y travel distance 2800mm
          Vertical Z travel distance 1000mm

          Spindle rotational speed  30-4500rpm


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