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        1. 上海百劲机械有限公司

          Hotline: 13761555111


          About us

          SHANGHAI BAIJIN MACHINERY Co.,Ltd is located in Shanghai, China. The company is founded in 2008 and specialized in precision Sheet Metal and machine parts processing. The company has been sticking to "people and technology oriented" management philosophy, and sticking to the quality policy of “High Starting Point, High Standard, High Requirement”. Integrity to customers is also one of the most important company culture of the company.

          The company has strong technical force, scientific management system, advanced management concepts and rich experience accumulated over the years. The company has the capability of taking rapid response to customer’s changing needs. The company is equipped with precision Sheet Metal processing, machine parts processing, welding and other first-class equipments to meet the requirements of all kinds of processing. With an independent database, the company also realizes systematic management of manufacturing process, quality optimization and competitive price.

          The company has established branch companies and CAD center In Zhejiang, Shanghai and Beijing. Order for more than 58,000 pieces per month can be satisfied. With high-quality products, good reputation, competitive price and perfect after-sales service, we have got more and more recognition and set up a good brand image in the industry.

          Our Mission: 
                 Share success with our customers
                 Achieve development with our staff
                 Make progress with the society